Jason Hoehn
When most kids were playing with action figures, Jason would spend hours creating 'radio shows' on his beloved cassette-deck, some scratchy sound effects records, and nothing more than his imagination. In his early teens, Jason developed his love of photography. In High School, his passion for video blossomed. Needless to say, story telling is a big part of Jason's DNA.

With two decades of Post Production experience, we have the skill and experience to make your production fly. With an amazing sense of timing, a unique visual style, and the ability to reveal the story within the story, 8BitPictures will raise your production to the next level.

And the best part?, we're affordable ... Really ...

Talented Associates 

With a great network of skilled and experienced associates, 8BitPictures can help you with more than just video. We can get you on-track with just about every type of media. No matter if it's internet, photography, music, voice-over or anything in between, we have the network to get it done, and get it done well. 


        SARA REid  |  Social Media
Often overlooked, under-appreciated and misunderstood, Social Media is Sara's specialty. She knows the ins and outs of what makes Social Media so important for your web presence, and she cuts through the clutter to make your voice heard through this new media communications tool.

      PAUL HEWITT  |  Information TECHnology
If you're looking to get an online presence, Paul "Huey" Hewitt is the Ginja Ninja, our 'go-to' guy for everything web. With impactful websites and clear messagging, we create your website in sync with your video, to provide a seamless brand.

Jason Hoehn

Jason Hoehn

This is where the Magic Happens


Talented Associates

Talented Associates


AVID Media Composer
Media Composer

Considered the industry leader in video Post-Production,
8Bit Pictures has been using AVID software for over 20 years. 

Adobe Creative Suite
Premiere Pro for editing, Photoshop for image manipulation,
After Effects for compositing and animation. Yup, we use them all.
Recent upgrades to our primary hardware include XEON processors
with 64G of RAM, SSD drives and 4K output, all running Windows 10.