I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jason Hoehn for many years. He is a unique talent, a patient and funny man. Three qualities not common enough in an editor. I recommend him highly.

- Jim Thalheimer. Writer/Producer/Director


Not only is Jason Hoehn an absolute blast to work with as an editor, but his brilliant mind "works in mysterious and creative ways," that add heaps of flavour and tons of zest to every project he works on. This might seem contradictory for a cooking series based on healthy eating, butJason's magic editing touch was simply icing on the cake! Yum!.

- Janet Podleski. Co-host, Eat, Shrink & Be Merry!


Creative, efficient and always easy to work with. Jason always brings the program up a notch or two.

- Jamie Moorhouse, Partner: Talking Light Media


Easily one of Calgary's finest editors, Jason doesn't just edit, he creates stories with a compelling mix of diligence and passion.

- Nancy Tillberg, Freshwater Creative


Not only is Jason a nice guy, he is unusually adept at editing and long format narrative. Fun, fast, freakishly fabulous.

- Jason Smith, Producer/Director: Sightline Studios


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jason for several years, His dedication toward his craft is truly amazing. I would recommend this dude for any and every project.

- Larry MacDonald, MacDonald Sound Services


Jason is one wack editor. He could edit the pants off just about anyone in western Canada.

- Kim Clegg, Rat Creek Design


Jason brings creativity, energy and enthusiasm to every project. He's a delight to work with, a total pro.

- Ashley Chugg Producer/Director, LafeFace Productions


I had the pleasure of working directly with Jason Hoehn for four years, and through countless hours of post-production. Jason is one of the most creative and dedicated individuals I have ever worked with. His edits are never overdone but are complex where they need to be, his sense of timing is impeccable and his technical capacity is always dependable. I learned a lot from Jason, and loved working with him.

- Jodi Lucas, Video Editor


Jason Hoehn turns straw into Gold ...

- Kerrie Penney, Partner, Freshwater Creative


Easily one of the best editors in the history of TV, Jason kicks ass.

- Lisa Ferguson, Videographer and Fashionista


You know when you arriv at a party and you're looking around, wondering "do I know anyone here?" And then you spot a familiar friendly face, someone who is a joy to be with and entertains the bejesus out of you. Well, Jason's that guy, only he brings it to work every day, he doesn't just save it for parties ... Oh, and he edits like an investor.

- Jim Warner, Southern Alberta's Most Talked About Writer